Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trip Overview

Welcome to G.I. Out West 2017. The ultimate outdoor summer adventure.

August 1st - Aug. 18th 

G.I.O.W. is a unique travel camp geared for today's College Student ages 18-22  

For 18 adventures days we will experience the great North West. We will travel through three U.S. States and two Canadian Provinces. We will explore the uniqueness of each through extreme trip. We will raft the white waters of BC, hike WA and wonder at the grandeur of the the Northern Lights. We will experience Seattle, climb Denali and enjoy nature at its best.  


We will travel through the U.S. States and Canadian Provinces of:  

- Oregon

- Washington

- British Colombia

- Yukon Territory 

- Alaska

Some of our activities will include the following: 

  • · Horseback Riding 
  • · Speedboating 
  • · White Water Rafting 
  • · Dog Sledding
  • · Mountain Biking 
  • · Tubing 
  • · Surfing 
  • · Hiking 
  • · Salmon Fishing 

G.I. Boys Out West is committed to safety.  

All adventures are guided by Senior Staff and certified Emergency Medical Technicians.


We are insured by The Insurance Center, Niles, IL